Behind the scenes – Wild Fairy 2018 campgain

Behind the scenes – Wild Fairy 2018 campgain

Every new collection is like a new baby … As a designer people always ask me where I get new ideas for my dresses beyond the trends, fabrics and materials that always inspire me, it is important to me as a designer to reinvent myself in every collection.  during the long work on the collection i am getting through Personal and professional processes and Each year I feel that together with the new collection is born a new me , more mature, more precise and much more authentic.

The new collection inspired  by the magnificent and mysterious world of the fairies, the dresses made from ripped chiffon and unfinished silky tulle and laces with many layers and different details.

In the new campaign of the wild fairy collection i wanted to explore what is the meaning of  FAIRY  to me..together with my talented team,  the photographer liron Wissman and my art designer lital Nahshony we created a whole set that tells the story of the collection, free and wild, just like a fairy, difficult to find and impossible to forget. 

I want to thank the team that helped me to create that dream and fantasy :

photographer: liron wissman

Art: lital nahshony 

makeup : shiran sheffler 

Heir:  guy samuel 

Model: Tasha adamsky & Anastasya for yuli models 

Assistant:  polina perry

location: beit hasmachot 


Yours , Inbal





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